Interaction and Gamification drive innovation

Interaction and Gamification

You either love or hate the concept of social media. Liken and commenting puts a lot of people under pressure, but actually it is supposed to have a positive effect. Namely, interaction between people. Because that’s the only way to change something. The advantages speak for themselves: it’s easy to keep in touch, to get many opinions and points of view and to live out creativity. AnyIdea is also social and also uses the gamification approach.

Gamification is such a successful approach because people react emotionally and have an affinity for games. Game-based learning is therefore a success factor of many applications and apps and is also used more and more often in the educational system. Furthermore, game-based elements simplify complex topics. Getting Likes and liking other ideas, commenting, collecting points and sharing content is fun.

AnyIdea Interaction und Gamification treiben Open Innovation

An interactive community for innovation

The leaderboard within AnyIdea challenges the scouts. There you can see who has the most likes or ideas. These features create incentives and motivate more ideas. Challenges and rewards are important. It is a human instinct to be first or to want to win something. And the more ideas you get, the greater the success. For example, when you create a campaign, you can offer a reward as an incentive. A small profit or incentive for your idea creators. You are completely free to decide whether and what you reward. The possibility to like and comment on ideas creates a lively exchange of ideas. Among employees or between employees, partners, experts and customers. Likes from other scouts show the interest and relevance of the idea. But not only that. A sense of community develops, a kind of community for innovation. And community and communication are important factors in all areas of life.
Furthermore, AnyIdea is so easy to use that anyone can join in and have fun. In this way you create a digital environment in which innovation is easy and everyone can develop their potential. And with the app for iOS and Android you can have AnyIdea with you at all times.
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