Ideathons, Hackathons and idea contest

Nothing goes without ideas!

You would like to set something in motion, but still lack ideas?
Then start an idea competition and generate ideas!

AnyIdea is designed in a way that ideas as the basis for innovation can be generated decentralised. This means that a campaign can be initiated on any topic and by any department of a company.

And because the best ideas usually don’t come up at your desk, AnyIdea is available anytime and anywhere, via web and app.

Generate ideas unlimited

AnyIdea is designed in a way that you can generate ideas on a wide range of topics: 

  • R&D is looking for ideas for the deployment of new materials.

  • Sales is looking for ideas for new distribution models.

  • The plant management is looking for ideas on automation.

  • HR is looking for ideas for attracting new employees.

  • QA is looking for ideas to optimise processes.

Whether small or large problems, whether a current requirement that needs to be solved quickly or a topic that is only looming on the horizon: Idea contests with AnyIdea generate many ideas, which are quickly evaluated by means of simple evaluation and can be transferred to a project if there is potential.

Inspire to good ideas

Nobody likes to fill out forms and read a lot of text. Therefore AnyIdea is intuitive and easy to use.

Inspire to participate and create idea contests with pictures and videos. Show what the challenge is and what ideas you expect. Communicate everything important and worth knowing, including the prizes that await the best ideas!

Following the open innovation principle or in a private setting

Access the knowledge and inventiveness of everyone in public campaigns. In a public campaign, all registered scouts can send ideas to AnyIdea. Through the open innovation approach, the number of ideas on a topic is multiplied. 

For each campaign, you decide who can send you ideas. In private campaigns, you determine which scouts can participate: e.g. employees of a department, all employees of the company, a selection of your suppliers, all your customers or any combination of these.

From whom you receive ideas and who can evaluate them is always in your hands and can be determined for each campaign individually.