Early market and technology detection

The view on the outside!

What is in store for us and where is need for action?

Innovation is driven by strategy, early market and technology detection and trend recognition. Based on this, innovation gaps and search fields can be identified.

The early identification focuses on future external developments.

What has positive and negative effects on the company and the market?

Early technology detection

  • Evaluation of new basic commodities, materials, technologies, processes, applications and working methods
  • Substitution technologies or products
  • Standards, regulations or laws etc.

Early market detection

  • New or changed customer requirements and needs
  • Changed competition behaviour or new competitors
  • Development of markets
  • Legislative parameters
  • General market and customer trendsn
  • New application options for products, services and processes
  • New marketing and sales approaches
  • New business models
  • Change in the value-added processes of customers, etc.