Product test with selected users

Prototypes and lead customers

Test prototypes or recently launched products with selected users.

Receive feedback with AnyIdea in a structured form.
And it is easy for your testers to give you feedback:
Via web and app, they can report on their experiences, regardless of location and time.

You decide who can give feedback

Initiate a product test as part of a campaign. Define the group of participants. Only these participants can send you feedback, so discretion is guaranteed. The feedback received is available in a structured form. You can take up and evaluate this feedback and incorporate it into further development. If you have any questions, you can communicate directly with the tester.


Make your prototypes available to a selected group of users. These users may have already been involved in the concept phase and now see the product implemented. Or they are already users of a preceding product.

In any case, both groups are product experts. So let them speak out at this important stage! Experiences with the prototype or pre-series product can be easily captured with AnyIdea. With the app you can even do it outdoors.

Tests with lead customers
You have lead customers who want to tell you openly about their experiences with the new product? With AnyIdea, you give selected customers who are willing to cooperate a voice!