Products and services on the market

Direct feedback on products and services on the market

Do you actually know what customers think about your product or service?
What their daily experiences are? What they like or dislike?
Put your customers in the centre of attention and ask them about their experiences!
And show appreciation for the feedback.

Meeting the requirements of the market

Successful products sell well. But why wait until the sales figures are in? And do they really tell you the whole story? Especially when they are not as expected.

Let with AnyIdea tell customers and users of your product about their experiences. Get precious feedback for your product development. From the moment the product is launched and continuously. So you know immediately how to ensure the success of your product.

Ask for specific experiences

Ask for detailed user experiences. The sum of the feedback draws a clear picture of where you have to or can focus on. In a campaign, AnyIdea creates a communication channel from user to product management. Direct feedback from the market can eliminate many uncertainties regarding product development. 

Transparent communication and motivation

If you listen, people like to talk about what they have experienced. AnyIdea ensures a transparent communication. Scouts know that their feedback goes to the right place. Another motivating factor is that AnyIdea has a built-in gamification. Additionally you can show your special appreciation with interesting prizes for exceptionally helpful feedback.