Trends, technologies and potentials

New possibilities and use cases

Changes happen all the time.
Take an active approach towards change and find new applications that evolve due to new technologies, find new potential in combination with new trends.

Flexible for a variety of topics

Address the future in your company. Start collecting ideas on topics such as
  • Current trends:
    Which ones should be monitored?

  • Upcoming technologies:
    What do they imply for our company?

  • Future potentials:
    Where do our strengths lie tomorrow?
    What are we not doing yet?

AnyIdea is designed to adapt to your requirements: You can generate ideas on topics of the future that are not yet tangible, as well as ideas on specific implementation issues.

Shaping the future together

Your employees are not the only ones who have ideas for the future. Invite business partners and industry colleagues to your campaigns. Since not every topic is suitable for the general public, AnyIdea allows you to choose each and every participants for a campaign.

Quick evaluation – A full innovation portfolio

Each idea can be evaluated. AnyIdea graphically presents the result of the evaluation in an innovation portfolio. This serves as a basis for deciding which ideas should be pursued further.