Innovation-, idea and design thinking workshops

Ergebnisse strukturiert festhalten

Focus on your essential tasks after the workshop!

Do not sort any notes and do not waste time documenting the results.

No matter if you had 5 or 50 participants.

Central, clear, and in an instant

With AnyIdea, all results are already available in structured form at the end of the workshop. All ideas are recorded directly at the workshop. Simply with the smartphone.

The workshop’s collection of ideas can then be processed and evaluated immediately in the AnyIdea portal. Further evaluators can assess the potential of ideas. This creates a meaningful portfolio of ideas.

This way you know which ideas should be pursued further.

Run workshops with AnyIdea

Use AnyIdea already for the invitation to the workshop. Create a workshop campaign. With this campaign, you can introduce your participants to the workshop’s theme and inform them about all important aspects of the workshop.

This saves you time, because AnyIdea handles the invitation for you.

Boost your innovative strength with a pool of ideas

With AnyIdea you build up a pool of ideas. Ideas that are currently not relevant can be tagged and picked up later. Use this collection for approaching further topics.
This will strengthen the innovative power of your company.