Digital innovation-centred ecosystem 2021

2021: the new year will be digital and innovative

With AnyIdea, we not only digitise innovation processes and enable open innovation, but also rethink “innovation” from the ground up. Our vision is to make companies more innovative simply and in the long term. With solutions that, from strategy, trends & search fields, idea generation and evaluation to potential identification, innovation roadmap and realisation, support above all small and medium-sized enterprises to be able to achieve a powerful innovation performance like large companies. AnyIdea will become a digital innovation-centric ecosystem in 2021.

1. Digital creativity techniques

With the appropriate creativity techniques, everyone can be creative and generate ideas. For example, with the 6-3-5 method or the What-If approach used by Google. The 6-3-5 method is also called brainwriting, a technique similar to brainstorming, with which ideally 6 people can generate up to 108 ideas. With the What-If approach, several people consider “what if” without restrictions and limits. In this way, the people approach the topics creatively with speculation, wishes and foresight. Both creativity techniques can be implemented well digitally and can thus positively support idea generation in AnyIdea.

2. Innovation consulting and strong partners

AnyIdea continues to expand its partner programme in order to be able to offer creative innovation experience solutions and bundled know-how comprehensively across the board. Because a comprehensive network is one of the success factors of Open Innovation. With our partner programme, we offer strategic and operational support for your innovation activities. If you are looking for advice or guidance on the topic of innovation, our experts can help you achieve your goals.
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3. Research institutions and experts

AnyIdea connects research and research results with concrete requirements of companies. For this purpose, a large pool of experts and idea providers from research is available, who you can actively involve in campaigns. Research partners can be called in by companies for campaigns and contribute their research results as a possible solution. This provides companies with important know-how and the research results can be translated into practical and economic innovations.

4. Trends

The future is data-driven. Trends point out and inspire, must be constantly monitored and their relevance and interactions recognised. More than 50k trends as well as trend monitoring and management are available in AnyIdea for this purpose. On the one hand, trends can show companies opportunities and business drivers (mega & macro trends) and on the other hand creatively inspire idea creators in the process of idea generation (micro trends). The integration of trend and future research offers companies security for future developments and helps with strategic planning.

5. Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in particular, we at AnyIdea are leading the way in predictive innovation. Existing data such as trends, publications, scientific papers, patents, competitors, start-ups and much more are taken into account, aggregated using artificial intelligence, evaluated and visualised in AnyIdea. Based on this comprehensive data and its connections to each other, intelligent machine learning algorithms are used to continuously “learn”, evaluate and generate in order to be able to predict the next relevant innovations for you.
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