Everyone masters the challenges of Open Innovation!

Everyone can master the challenges

Like any concept, Open Innovation has potential and challenges. It is particularly important to be aware of the challenges in order to master them. One can distinguish between internal and external challenges. Internally, top management and employees are critical factors. Externally, the choice of the right partners is the crucial point. If you are aware of the challenges, you can master Open Innovation!

Internal challenges

The whole process of innovation, starting with problem-solving and idea generation, must be properly coordinated. The innovation process must be clear to all those involved. This includes questions about the right tools and methods, which need to be clarified. Top management should recognise the importance of innovation and provide the motivation. It is also critical to see how motivated their own employees are to support and advance the innovation process. After all, innovation starts from the inside and a wrong mindset or fear of risk are big hurdles. Top management should therefore be responsible for setting the long-term, strategic direction and providing the necessary resources to strengthen innovation efforts. By combining different practices, companies promote an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

External challenges

If the innovation process is started with people from outside the company, some barriers may arise. A typical challenge is the search for suitable cooperation partners. Do you only look at customers or suppliers or do you also approach competitors? You have to think carefully beforehand with whom you want to cooperate. It is also important to consider with whom it makes sense. Collaborations often result in strategic synergies and cost sharing is a great advantage. If you have found the right innovation partner with similar approaches and experience, the chances of success are higher. Finally, external actors must also be motivated to participate in the innovation process. After all, no one simply helps without a little in return.

AnyIdea supports the innovation process

However, the few challenges in the Open Innovation process should by no means be a barrier to give Open Innovation a try. With supporting tools such as AnyIdea, some challenges can be overcome, as the solution offers many possibilities. The SaaS solution is easy to use, motivates people to participate through gamification and the right people can be addressed easily. AnyIdea also helps to identify the potential for ideas. You can use AnyIdea anytime and anywhere and try it out for free.
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