Innovation can happen in many ways. With AnyIdea it is the easiest way!

Generate countless ideas with AnyIdea!

How does innovation work? A question that many people ask themselves. A question that can be answered in many different ways. Our answer: AnyIdea is the easiest way to innovate.

With AnyIdea, you actively generate more ideas, successfully drive your innovations forward and thus increase the innovative ability of your company. AnyIdea is a cloud-based all-in-one platform for ideas and innovations. It combines the scientific innovation know-how of Campus02 and the digital expertise of mogree. With AnyIdea, companies create an environment, processes and a digital framework in which innovation is easy and everyone can develop their full potential. Thus, the innovative ability of an organisation can be continuously increased.

AnyIdea has everything you need!

Everything you need is there: scouts, campaigns, ideas, evaluation and an innovation portfolio. Everything is transparent, the process and the communication. In addition, the gamification approach provides a lot of motivation. You can easily scale your innovation potential. But that is only an overview.

The gamification approach is extremely motivating, the challenges and incentives are important. The more ideas you have, the greater the success. Give out rewards and see who is number 1 on the leaderboard and is just bursting with ideas. Ideas are created by the scouts in a few seconds, even on the go with the app. No matter if text, picture, video or audio, everything is possible. You can select the scouts, your idea givers, yourself, whether employees, partners, customers, experts, anyone can participate.

The ideas are always generated for your created campaigns. You can even create the campaign in a few minutes. You have the choice between different templates, private or public campaigns, topic- and time-related. A campaign can be created for each use case to find countless ideas. Interaction is also an important factor, so ideas can be liked and commented on. Both you and the scouts always keep the overview.

The ideas can then be evaluated. Selected users can evaluate ideas specifically according to their potential and implementation effort. Finally, AnyIdea automatically presents the evaluations visually in an innovation portfolio. This represents their overview and basis for decision-making.

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The platform is powerful: an online admin portal, a responsive website, mobile apps for Android and iOS, a scalable backend and API for integration. And all this in an intuitive design so that everyone can participate. Transparency and communication are also extremely important. With AnyIdea, scouts are automatically notified and continuously informed. They are actively involved, informed and in direct contact and exchange with the innovation team and other scouts. Intelligent automation at this point brings significant time and work savings for the innovation management of a company and causes enormous increases in productivity and efficiency.

There are no limits to creativity. Motivated? Then start generating ideas now. Simply become more innovative.