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Scouts can send ideas as part of a campaign:
AnyIdea is very flexible regarding the theme of the campaign, so the idea can also be seen as feedback: While you will receive creative approaches as an idea in a campaign formulated as an idea contest, generated ideas in a product test campaign can be seen as typical feedback.
At AnyIdea, ideas can be sent very simply:
Regardless of time and location, also via the smartphone, without tedious filling out of forms, but conveniently with photos or a video. Therefore the goal of every campaign is to generate a maximum of ideas.
Thanks to the digital solution, every idea is available in a standardised form.
This simplifies the processing, makes it easier to keep track and no idea gets lost.
Influence the quality of the ideas with the following tips:
Formulate the goal of your campaign concisely and clearly and point out important key points. Provide a certain amount of inspiration, e.g. through examples (also as a link).
Your Scouts should be provided with all information at the beginning of the campaign.
This creates clarity about which ideas you expect. And it saves you work, because you do not have to answer any questions afterwards. React promptly to ideas you receive. Ask for details via the comment function if something is unclear and evaluate the ideas you receive quickly. 
Communication and status updates spur your scouts on!
Offer interesting rewards for Scouts and show your appreciation for their commitment.
A major goal of AnyIdea is the removal of all barriers and hurdles for scouts in the ideation process. Not only technical, UI/UX, design or platform hurdles, but also emotional hurdles. “Sending ideas” at AnyIdea is as easy as taking pictures on your smartphone.
Scouts (idea generators) can send multimedia ideas with text, photos, videos and pdf files in a few seconds, online and mobile via the web, as well as via mobile apps.
Who can send ideas:
  • Anyone who learns about the campaign can take part in public campaigns.
  • Only people you specifically invite can participate in private campaigns.
Sending ideas made easy:
Ideas can be sent as a guest, no registration is necessary. This applies to both public and private campaigns to which you invite specific users. Ideal for one-off campaigns or special user groups to avoid registration.
Ideas can be sent anonymously. This applies to both public and private campaigns and removes the last concerns of users about sending ideas. Many people do not send ideas because they may not fit, be stupid or others may not like them. With the possibility to send ideas anonymously, this fear should be removed.
AnyIdea is open for everyone, all users can register with AnyIdea.
  • Automatic registration: If you invite users manually or via csv upload to AnyIdea or a campaign, a user with basic data and initial password will be created automatically. Your users do not need to register. Registration or Verification is no longer necessary, only a new password must be assigned.
  • Active Directory: An Active Directory (AD) connection allows your users to send ideas without registration. Users can simply log in to AnyIdea with their login data from their laptop/PC and send ideas without prior registration. Please contact us for more information.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) possibilities via e.g. Google are on our roadmap. We inform about new features in our product updates.

You can view the idea of a campaign in detail by

  • clicking on the “Ideas” tab in a campaign and select an idea, or
  • selecting an idea from the “Ideas” menu.

In both views, you have a visual indication which ideas you have not yet viewed. You can also simply click through the detailed views of the ideas.


In the detail view of an idea you can see amongst others:

  • Title of the idea
  • Date of idea creation
  • Name of the Scout (if the idea was not sent anonymously or as a guest user)
  • Picture(s) and video
  • Description of the idea (if created by the Scout)
  • Audio transcript of the video (if available)
  • Comments on the idea (if available)
  • Rank of the idea within the campaign
  • Points, views and Likes of the idea
You can use the comment function to contact the scout quickly and easily, e.g. to ask for details about the idea. Each comment is displayed in the detailed view of the idea.
Of course, scouts can also comment on each other’s ideas, upload files and add emojis to their comments.
In addition, it is also possible to write a private comment as an idea contributor, which can only be seen by the idea contributor and the campaign members.
In the detailed view of the idea you can as a campaign member:
  • evaluate the idea
  • Add an evaluator to the campaign
  • change the visibility of the idea for other scouts
  • entering tags
Use the comment function to ask the scout for details about the idea
As a Campaign Member you can control the visibility of an idea for other Scouts. To do this, choose the desired option for the slider in the detail view of the idea:
The idea is visible to all: Scouts, Evaluators and Campaign Members
This is the default setting, i.e. each idea is visible to everyone until a change is made.
If an idea is set to PRIVATE, it is only visible to Campaign Members and the Scout who sent the idea.

Please note that an idea set to PRIVATE is also not visible to Evaluators (Scouts you have invited to evaluate the ideas of this campaign).

As a Campaign Member you can evaluate the idea in the detail view of the idea.
Click on the button “Evaluate idea” and give your evaluation. 
After your evaluation, you will see the number of all previous evaluations and the result displayed in the portfolio. Additionally, an innovation class based on all previous evaluations is offered.
If you have already evaluated this idea before, you will see your last evaluation after clicking on the button “Evaluate idea”. If necessary, you can change your evaluation and confirm it by clicking the “Evaluate” button.

After the evaluation you can create a project based on the idea.

Projects can only be created by company admins and innovation managers. Only project members (creator is also a project member) can edit a project (e.g. comment and upload documents).

Before you create the project, you need to define the innovation class for the project. You can confirm the proposal based on the evaluation result, or you can select any innovation class. To do this, select an option from the “Set innovation class” field. Then create the project by clicking on the “Create” button.

Please note that this action cannot be undone.

In the dashboard you see key figures on ideas related to your company:

  • Sent: Number of all ideas received and the relative change, each based on the last 30 days.
  • In Evaluation: Number of all ideas that have been evaluated at least once and the relative change, in each case related to the last 30 days..
  • In Progress: Number of all ideas from which a project was created, and the relative change over the last 30 days.

This view provides an overview of all received ideas with relevant details per idea. You can sort the list of ideas. By clicking on the filter icon you can search for idea titles and use a filter function.

In order to use your received ideas in other systems, such as Jira or Asana, you can easily export them. Just click on the “Export” button within a campaign. The download of the .xls file will then be initiated. The ideas will be exported with all the details, tags and a link.