FAQs Leaderboard

The Leaderboard shows a ranking of all scouts of your organisation, your company. The Leaderboard is visible for Admins, Innovation Managers and of course for Scouts. By default the board is sorted by points collected. In addition, you can filter and sort the results as you wish, e.g. to individual campaigns or to users from a specific department.
All scouts are ranked in the Leaderboard.
Guest users are generally not included in the gamification and are therefore not displayed in the company’s leaderboard. However, ideas from guest users are ranked in relation to the campaign according to the points they receive.
The ranking is made up of the points a scout receives in relation to all his/her ideas in all campaigns within the company.
Publish and communicate the results in the Leaderboard continuously within the company, e.g. in relation to departments, location or company-wide. The results are both a challenge and an impulse for your scouts. You can also combine the Leaderboard with incentives, e.g. by rewarding your top 3 idea providers in the company twice a year. Competition motivates.
  • A scout receives 15 points upon registration.
  • A scout receives 8 points for submitting an idea.
  • If a scout’s idea gets a Like, he or she receives 3 points. Likes for own ideas do not count for the points.
  • If the idea is evaluated, with the evaluation criterion intended for gamification, with a value of >5, he receives 30 points.
  • If the scout’s idea becomes a project, he receives 50 points.
Note: Anonymous ideas get the same points.