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Our partners

Business Innovation GmbH

Strategic Partner

BIGs’ mission: Let’s make europe the most innovative continent of the world! …because we believe in the innovative strength and the courage of Europe’s businesses.
The team around Prof. Dr. Hans Lercher supports European medium-sized companies to increase their innovative performance. How does that work? BIG supports your company in concrete innovation projects with methodical know-how, experience, pragmatism and great commitment. This includes, among other things, an audit of the current innovation performance and identification of the potential of your company as well as the development and introduction of an innovation system suitable for your company.
Through the close cooperation of the BIG Team with your employees a sustainable development of methodical competence and innovation know-how in your company is achieved. The BIG project support also guarantees you an external view of your company and the orientation of your projects. And as a hybrid innovation consultant BIG works on a scientific basis. They research the latest methods, approaches and processes and publish them so that the economy benefits from them.

Edizon Innovation GmbH

Innovation Partner

We are your innovation and strategy consultant. Together with our clients, we develop successful customer-centric growth and innovation strategies with predictable success. We create value for your customers and discover unmet customer needs. We put jobs-to-be-done theory into practice with our patented Outcome-Driven Innovation® process.
Our two lines of business:
We offer consulting services ranging from pilot projects to full-scale application of the Outcome-Driven Innovation process. Through extensive research, the different project formats lead to successful growth strategies in your company.
JTBD Institute Europe
Via our JTBD Institute Europe we offer blogs and innovation trainings, like our events the JTBD Summit Europe, the Master Classes and our e-learning program.
gofarbeyond innovation and leadership

gofarbeyond® e.U.

Innovation Partner

gofarbeyond® led by founder and managing director Christopher Offenthaler-Limbach understands innovation as a basic attitude, thus as part of the identity and deeply anchored in the corporate culture. In this way, the gofarbeyond® team accompanies you both in the implementation of an ideation and innovation management system per se and in the successful, holistic transformation – towards a true innovative and digital culture.
Coming from banking and financial management, gofarbeyond® sees itself as a companion for “the traditional Austrian regional bank” but also for “the traditional Austrian SME”. Our guiding principle is: “You are the star, we bring out your shine”. With this attitude – and the conviction that a successful transformation needs both clarity about the path and structure – we walk the path to practised innovation as part of the corporate identity together with you.

Pro Active Beratungs- und Trainings GmbH

Innovation Partner

Nowadays, companies are confronted with one thing above all: permanent change.
Two primary challenges await them:
On the one hand, the adaptation and development of the organisation itself and
secondly, the development of the people who work within the framework of this organisation.
Only companies that deal with future developments and manage to adapt to changing conditions in time will be successful.
For some time now, a trend has been emerging in the consulting of organisations. Pure technical as well as pure process consulting are increasingly reaching their limits, they no longer provide convincing solutions for organisations in times of change.
That is why we take a third approach in consulting and combine different aspects for better results. In addition, we usually work in interdisciplinary teams in order to productively address multiple perspectives.

wb-bc Business Consulting und Beteiligungs GmbH

Innovation Partner

wb-bc supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in optimising their economic goals and expanding the boundaries of what is feasible at the same time. How do we achieve this? With the help of new business models, innovations and digitalisation. The best ideas for this are already waiting in the workforce within the companies – they just need to be brought to light in a structured way. We provide further impulses, methods and the necessary know-how or, even better, how-to.
We also assist start-ups on their way from the idea until operating in the black and beyond – because you can rely on wb-bc in the long run. Our network provides access to experts who operate beyond our client’s sphere of influence – so you not only benefit from our know-how. wb-bc stands for highest customer satisfaction through excellent service. We are not fans of expensive, theoretical concepts. We stand for solutions that are practice-oriented, realisable, innovative and above all – tailor-made for you and your company.

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