AnyIdea updates

AnyIdea is continuously optimised, further developed and getting better by the day.
Here you will find information about planned features, current developments and past updates.



Trends indicate and inspire, trends must be continuously monitored, the relevance of trends, their connections and mutual correlations must be recognized. Trends should inspire idea scouts, megatrends, macrotrends, microtrends and much more.

Trends, their recognition and an intelligent and digitized monitoring and management are the next important element of AnyIdea.

Sept 2020

Idea export

Idea details and campaigns can now be downloaded as .xlsx file. This is helpful for a possible transfer to other systems such as JIRA or Asana for further processing (a direct API connection to various systems we have in our roadmap).

Settings for idea evaluation and portfolio on campaign level

Until now, innovation settings were be centrally defined in the campaign setup. Due to the flexibility of AnyIdea, campaigns are being started for various topics, e.g. hackathons, documentation of internal innovation workshops, product tests etc. This results in the necessity to be able to define evaluation criteria and schemes for each campaign – campaign-related idea portfolios!

July 2020

Automated registration

If you invite people manually or via csv upload to AnyIdea or a campaign, a user with basic data and initial password is automatically created. This eliminates the need for registration and verification of the invited user, only a new password has to be assigned.

May 2020

Display of idea details directly in the idea portfolio ( hover).

In the idea portfolio, details of the respective ideas can now be viewed via mouse over. This means you no longer have to switch to individual ideas to view details.

Trends, their recognition and an intelligent and digitised monitoring and management are the next important element of AnyIdea.

Removal of password defaults!

Due to the numerous feedback and requests we have removed the dedicated passwords. You can enter any password (min 8 characters), the password strength is displayed and you can display the entered password to detect possible typos.

Help Center, Support, Contact, Videos and Content

As Innovation Manager or Admin you can now

1 access directly to the Help Center, where you can find videos, FAQs, studies, etc,
2 View videos e.g. how to get started, product demo or create campaigns from templates
3 arrange a live demonstration,
4 contact our support should questions or problems arise or,
5 Report any errors directly.

Evaluation of single ideas

Often requested, tada! It is now possible to see in single ideas at a glance by whom the idea has already been evaluated and by whom not yet. In addition, you can now send a reminder to evaluators and scouts to evaluate the idea directly in this view.

Apr 2020

Campaigns: Templates and examples

From now on you can find different campaign types and examples in AnyIdea. These show the structure of a campaign, are interactive, have sample ideas, can be licked and evaluated (without saving). Furthermore, you can use these campaigns as templates and easily start your own campaigns.

Campaign templates overview

Scout: Grid and list views at ideas

The practical grid and list views at ideas are now also available for scouts. This means that ideas in campaigns can be displayed in different ways depending on your needs and can also be sorted by creation date, rank or idea title.

Ideas and status “done”

Ideas that are not pursued further or have already been transferred to a project are given the status “Done”. Ideas with status done will be hidden or can be filtered accordingly.

Automatic sending of invitation emails

Do you prefer to invite your scouts personally via an e-mail sent by you or do you want AnyIdea to do this automatically for you? You can now decide this by yourself when inviting new users and scouts.

New campaign view “details”

The display of campaigns has been optimized. Campaigns and the information areas at “details” are now clearly displayed in one column. Thus, a good overview is provided and also photos and videos can be presented better.

Search for tags possible

From now on you can search for ideas and campaigns based on assigned tags.

Mar 2020
Simplified workflow for user invitation
Inviting Scouts, Evaluators and Innovation Managers to campaigns or to the company is now even easier. No matter if these people have already registered or are invited for the first time.

Scout: Send idea without registration

Even more ideas for you! Being able to submit an idea without registration eliminates a major hurdle as to why ideas are not sent.

Scout: Ideas Overview

“Show me what interests me.” Scouts have a search and filter option for ideas.


Campaigns can be designed more flexibly

The number of text fields in a campaign can now be freely selected. This allows you to provide more or less information according to the topic. In addition, the workflow has been optimised and a campaign can now be created even faster.

Images in campaigns

Admins and Innovation Managers can now create campaigns with any number of images. This makes campaigns more attractive and varied and Scouts can be inspired by topic-related images.

Who has already evaluated?

In the User Management of the campaign it is displayed, how many evaluations an evaluator has made.

Simplified workflow for company registration

Scouts can now register their company with AnyIdea. This change simplifies the registration process for both, Scouts and the company.

Jan 2020

Idea Overview – search and filter

For Admins and Innovations Manager the search and filter function in the idea overview has been improved.

Scout: Send an idea faster

We have optimised the process so that an idea is sent faster.


Support function

For all central functions there are explanations, tips and notes that can be called up directly in the portal. Admins and Innovation Managers receive special support when starting with AnyIdea, and experienced users can read up on details.

Campaigns and Scouts

Admins and Innovation Managers get a clear overview and information on campaign level in regards to:

  • Status of a Scout: invited or accepted

  • Activity of a Scout: number of ideas sent

Delete campaign

By popular request: Admins and Innovation Managers can delete campaigns.

Ideas Overview – compact display

For Admins and Innovation Managers, there is an optional list view in addition to the grid view available, which offers a compact display of all ideas with the relevant information; both at campaign and company level.

Idea detail overview

For Admins and Innovation Managers is an improved usability regarding Evaluators available.

Central User Management

Admins, Innovation Managers and Scouts are managed centrally.

Scout: More info at registration

The registration screen informs about AnyIdea in order to reduce inhibition of signing up for something new and unknown.

Scout: send idea

Improved usability and more information to make it clearer what needs to be done.

Scout: delete idea

By popular request: Scouts can delete their idea.


Automatic video transcription

A power feature that doesn’t even exist in this form on YouTube, making life a lot easier for you and your Scouts. Because it has never been so easy to send ideas! Your Scouts don’t have to type in any text or description anymore. And you do not have to transcipt the spoken word in videos anymore. The video is recorded, sent, done! AnyIdea automatically transfers what is spoken in the video into text, and adds it to the description of the idea. That is pure work simplification!

Mass upload for Scouts

With the mass upload you can easily and quickly invite colleagues, partners, customers, experts and potentially interested parties as Scouts.

Scout profile

In the menu “Scouts” it is now possible to select Scouts directly and view their profile details.

Send idea anonymously

This feature was requested by a great number of users. It removes a big hurdle for not sending an idea. No fear, no shame, but more ideas!