AnyIdea for universities

Free use for university student and company projects

Support your students especially in times of Social Distancing and Distance Learning with this offer: Obtain for projects the needs of customers, collect ideas and solution approaches and get feedback – all this without personal contact!


What is AnyIdea?

AnyIdea is a digital SaaS platform that enables asynchronous collaboration in generating ideas and gathering feedback. Projects which require the integration of people into the problem-solving process or into the process of determining needs, are carried out faster and are more resouces-efficient with AnyIdea.

The benefits for Students

Whenever ideas or feedback are needed for a project: AnyIdea enables cross-regional networking with a click: Invite fellow students, employees or external experts and collect ideas, new approaches, suggestions and feedback quickly and easily (co-creation)!

#1 Use case: Needs determination

The determination of customer or user needs is an important element in many student projects. This is especially true when projects are conducted in cooperation with companies or organisations. Currently, people are being interviewed on site to identify these needs. The required time and organisational effort reduces the number of possible interviews and usually limits the persons to the region.

As a digital tool, AnyIdea breaks through spatial constraints. The addressed group of people grows to a representative size, and the feedback is immediately available in structured form for further processing. With AnyIdea, projects take on a national to international dimension.

#2 Use case: Ideation

When dealing with complex themes, the problem-solving process requires the collection of solutions and ideas. For this purpose, the knowledge of the masses can be accessed, for example in large-scale co-working sessions. Another option is to approach and integrate selected individuals who contribute know-how to the problem-solving process based on their expertise.

AnyIdea uses the concept of open innovation in its idea generation process. As a digital platform, it enables interdisciplinary collaboration in order to bring in the necessary different point of view. Ideas can be commented and evaluated. The excellent usability and the AnyIdea App ensure a high response rate and true cooperation, entirely independent of time and place.

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Free Use of AnyIdea
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AnyIdea offers free use for student and company projects.
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AnyIdea for universities


    AnyIdea for universities