Assessment of current changes

What does this mean for us?

Dynamic times are characterised by rapid change – currently one change is the acceleration of digitalisation.
As a company, thinking about such changes at an early stage, assessing current changes and adapting is an important step towards more flexibility and security.

Lack of physical contact

How do I address my customers when they can only be found in the digital world? Or if the shop suddenly closes, what then? An online shop can be the right solution. But how does this change my company and its processes? Can the supply chain be scaled? Is my inventory sufficient even with more online orders?

Digital touchpoints in marketing and sales

Inbound is the imperative of the hour. How do I get in touch with my customers in the future? How do I transfer the emotionality of a purchase into the digital dimension?
What do digital touchpoints mean for follow-up processes? What strategy should I pursue in the long term?

Shaping the future

To assess current changes, you can use AnyIdea to ask experts, research institutions, employees or customers and partners. Being able to quickly access feedback, ideas and possible solutions allows companies to react proactively even to short-term changes.