Employees with contact to customers

The ear on the market – Employees with contact to customers

Essential for a successful product development and product portfolio:
Knowing what is going on in the market!

Link field service and service technicians with your product management.

Without tedious filling out of forms and directly on site:
Everything relevant is quickly recorded via the app and is immediately available for processing by the product management!

Capture real user experience

Through the direct contact, the field service receives valuable product and user experiences from customers. With AnyIdea, these flows back directly to the product or assortment management. Via the smartphone, what has been heard is quickly recorded, sent and arrives at the right place. Immediately and not just by chance at the next meeting. 

Feedback from the market – How do we get better?

Good salespeople listen carefully: What is appealing about the product? What should be honed? On which aspects is the competition one step ahead? With AnyIdea, this information is easily recorded and can be incorporated into product development and product range design. Thus, product and assortment management have excellent access to customer feedback.

Service technicians and after sales representatives

Employees who service and maintain products are an important source of qualified feedback. Product management can use a campaign to specifically ask for experiences and suggestions for improvement. Regardless of time and place, experience of use is continuously incorporated into further development of product and assortment.