Sustainability and green innovations

Sustainability and Open Innovation

Open innovation is particularly popular with the development of sustainable products, processes, services and initiatives. Sustainability is a topic which concerns all of us and to which everyone can contribute with their ideas.

Green innovations as a growth strategy

Green innovations are a frequently pursued growth strategy by companies. Innovation and sustainability are closely linked, as the current awareness of sustainability increases the innovation success rate of businesses.

Successful by opening to the outside

Use globalisation and digitalisation for your own benefit! Open Innovation with AnyIdea does exactly that. With Open Innovation, the knowledge of external parties is also accessed for the benefit of the company.
AnyIdea allows this opening to the outside world at a click. Get ideas, approaches and solutions from external sources for the various topics in the area of sustainability.

Identify potential

If a large number of ideas on a topic is expected, it is especially important to get a quick overview of the potential of individual ideas. AnyIdea supports this with a fast evaluation.

The result of all evaluations is visualised in the portfolio. At a glance you see which ideas should be the focus of attention.