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To be innovative, to be creative and to have a spirit of innovation

The Austrian company FunderMax is the world market leader for high-quality façade panels and offers a decorative product range for interior design. Headquartered in St. Veit an der Glan in Carinthia, the company can look back on 130 years of corporate history. From the very beginning, the courage to try something new, creativity and an innovative spirit have been firmly anchored in the company’s philosophy. FunderMax focuses on sustainable raw materials, highest quality, innovative design and sustainable production. The company is owned by Constantia Industries AG, one of the largest privately owned industrial groups in Austria, and employs around 1,400 people worldwide. FunderMax ensures the best quality “Made in Austria” and won the Austrian Quality Award in 2018.

No standstill, but continuous improvement

As a company with many employees in different departments such as production, research and purchasing, the existing CIP became more tedious and less flexible over time. In addition, the 2020 pandemic particularly affected the company’s ability to improve and adapt processes. A modern and digital tool was to help break up existing structures and try something new. It was important that the tool was easy to use and could be implemented quickly. With AnyIdea, the CIP was to be made campaign-ready and the challenging time of the pandemic was to be used as an opportunity.
We were very impressed by the commitment, flexibility and inventiveness of our staff in this situation. With our idea campaign Learning from each other, we wanted to make even better use of this potential in a structured way and learn as an organisation as well as personally from the ideas of our colleagues.
Gernot Schöbitz, Managing Director

Idea Hype

The big goal now was to involve all employees, to take away lessons from the crisis and to continue to maintain the spirit of innovation. The expectations were high – the generation of creative ideas and a good exchange among the employees was the overriding goal. It should also be as easy as possible to send ideas via app, even while on the move. In this way, employees on construction sites or in production should also be able to participate without any problems. And these expectations were even exceeded: With over 500 ideas and a great positive response, AnyIdea was able to convince everyone. The campaign not only proved the inventiveness of the employees, but also triggered a real hype within the company thanks to gamification and provided a lot of fun when sending ideas, liking and commenting.

Learning from each other

In autumn 2020, the campaign called “Learning from each other” was launched with a duration of six weeks. All employees could send their ideas, suggestions for improvement, experiences and solutions on different key topics. These three key areas were: A careful use of valuable resources, occupational safety and health, and growth opportunities for the company.
In order to support the campaign in the best possible way, it was promoted in the newsletter and managed by a team of 30 people. The promotion team monitored the performance of the campaign and supported the idea creators. Due to the thematic focus and the promotion team, everyone was motivated and dared to be creative.
Finally, the team evaluated the more than 500 ideas, reviewed them according to the criteria of feasibility, value creation and creativity and gave feedback to the respective idea givers. Despite such a large number of ideas, they were able to maintain an overview. The ideas generated serve topics such as healthy food, flexible working models, digitalised processes as well as marketing and partnerships. 10 of the ideas were rewarded and some special prizes were also given. The lucky winners were able to choose which prizes they received at the official award ceremony. Wishes were, for example, a team dinner or a cooking voucher.
FunderMax Kampagne Infografik Ideen Evaluierungen

Part of a bigger picture

The advantage and benefit of AnyIdea for FunderMax are quite obvious: optimal involvement of all employees in the idea generation process. Through the digital ideas campaign, everyone had a chance to participate and be heard, which can be a challenge especially in a company the size of FunderMax. In addition, the ease of use, gamification and mobile app motivated everyone to participate. Especially all those who do not come into contact with the topic of innovation or idea management on a daily basis became part of an innovation process and part of a big bigger picture. Without a digital tool like AnyIdea, the more than 500 ideas generated would probably not have been mapped and implemented in this form.

Using difficult times as an opportunity

Fundermax has used the crisis to have a closer look and thus discover and use development potentials in an easy and innovative way. Some quick wins have already been implemented – for example, software programmes have been optimised for use in the home office and the range of healthy food in the company has been expanded. Work is currently underway on the development and realisation of further ideas, e.g. a programme for cooperation with universities. With AnyIdea, FunderMax has managed to break up existing structures, rethink them and learn from each other in difficult times.
Learn from each other!
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